Monday, February 27, 2012

Practical Advice That Works And The Devil of Time Management

Okay show of hands.

Who else is ready to receive the kind of advice that you can actually put to use and then see it get results for you?

Admit it. You are sick and tired of most of the advice going around. When you listen to them they sound so nice. You get the feeling that you are onto something you have been waiting for, for a long time.

And then you put them to the test. Surprisingly they don't work as expected. Something that sounded so nice now becomes a loud noise that makes your head scream. And you are disappointed. And dejected.

But I have good news for you. That won't be happening anymore. At least when you are here.

So let's get started.

But First, A Little Introduction

My name is Sam Lab.

I am a Mathematician by profession but I am also a writer, a pretty good guitarist, a singer and a listener of good music. I also love watching football (some call it soccer) and I am a rabid fan of Barcelona FC.

Okay. Enough said about me. Let's talk about you.

The Genesis of Think Time

You know how we all really want to accomplish something but it doesn't work out and then we blame it on other people or things?

Well, that's kind of the reason why I started Think Time.

We utter statements like:

"It was my mother's fault."

"It was my father's fault."

"It was that phone that rang."

"It was that music I was listening to. Damn. It felt so good."

But have you ever really thought about it? Have you ever really thought that maybe the fault is more with you than it is them? More precisely have you ever really thought that maybe the fault it in the way you spend your time?

And so I bright two words together - thought and time to form Think Time.

What Think Time Is Really About

Of course you already know Think Time was created to get you thinking about how you spend your time. But more than that it also a place where you get to talk about your time management troubles and frustrations and I give you specific advice to your exact situation.

In short I will give you specific advice that works. You don't have to worry about being bombarded with pieces of advice that work in theory but fail in real life.

But don't just take my word for it. Let me prove it to you right here, right now.

The Devil of Time Management

Forgive me for being a little spiritual here but this is the best way I found to get this point across.

Jesus had fasted forty days and forty nights.

He was in the wilderness and then the devil came to tempt him with all sort of things. The aim of the devil was to prevent Jesus from saving the world from sin. It was to distort Jesus' perspective by making him focus on worldly power instead of God's plan.

If the devil could get Jesus to fall, what he really came to do on earth wouldn't matter anymore. It would be forfeited.

The same can be said about the devil of time management.

When it comes it has only one objective: to prevent you from accomplishing what you have set out to accomplish. It will try to distort your perspective and make you focus on something else instead of what you have planned to do.

The outcome? Your life becomes crippled and you look like a loser.

So what is this devil of time management called anyway?

It's called distraction. And if you let it, it will make your life miserable.

Stop Prioritizing Tasks By Urgency

When you fail to get something done - do you sometimes blame it on "I didn't have enough time?"

If that's you then you need to check yourself. It is not because you don't have enough time. It is because you prioritize your tasks by urgency.

And you need to stop it.

Let me give you a simple illustration (it's completely hypothetical):

You are on you reading table trying to prepare for a test you have tomorrow. The test is early in the morning and you don't really know much about it so you have to prepare hard so that you can have something decent to write down.

Suddenly your phone rings. You are thinking maybe you should pick the call or not. Eventually you do and it's your friend crying and asking if she could talk to you about how her parents have ruined her life. Plus she wants you to advise her on what to do next.

She is your very good friend so you guys start to talk about it. Before you know it, it is 3 in the morning and you are tired. You go to sleep and then you wake up by 8. Suddenly you remember you have a test by 8.30.

You rush to get prepared.

A part of you is saying: "Dude. You have little or nothing in your brain. Don't bother going." Another part of you is saying: "No you should go. You should be able to write something down. At least you attended some of the classes, right?"

And so you brace yourself up like an ancient Greek soldier ready to go for a war that will be talked about for ages. You go for the test and of course you flunk it. When someone asks you what happened you say: "I didn't have enough time to study for the test, you know?"

You might not know it but what you have just done is you prioritized by urgency. The call came in but you didn't have to pick. Yes it was "urgent" but if you didn't pick up you wouldn't have found out, would you?

That phone call was a distraction to you at that moment and you let it have its' way. See where it has landed you now.

The Real Question

The question now is this: If you are supposed to stop prioritizing by urgency, what then do you do? How then do you prioritize your time the right way for better life-results?

Well, it is very simple. To find out how all you have to do is register your name and email address in the boxes you find below.

I'll be teaching you how to prioritize your time in the most effective way. This will help you occupy yourself with activities that will help you gain control of your life, career and any other thing you want.

And the best part? It costs you nothing. Not a single dime.

So register your name and email address already.

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Talk soon,

Sam Lab

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